Company Profile

Company profile

Address 3-9, Wakabayashi-cho, Yao, Osaka 5810038, Japan GoogleMAP
TEL +81 (72) 9490991
FAX +81 (72) 9496615
Founded September 1946
Incorporated November 1962
Capital 30 milion yen
Business Manufacturing of latex compounds and PVC sol emulsions
ISO ISO9001:QMJ0059
Board of Directors
Chairman Shigeo Kishi
Managing Director Takayuki Iioka
Accounting Advisor Tax Accountant Corporation MO Kyodo Kaikei
Number of Employees 41(Including Directors)
Main Bank MUFG Bank, Ltd. (Fujiidera Branch)

Factory Area

Site 8,300m2 (approx. 2 acres)
Buildings 3,200m2

Interior Application

Residential Carpets, Wallpaper, curtains, finished material for ceilings, etc.
Automotive Compounds for seats, doors, trunks and floor mats
Aviation Compounds for interior flooring and seats
Sports Components for golf and tennis facilities, non-slip tape for tennis and badminton racket grips,
Parts for drysuits, artificial turf

Industrial Application

Textiles Coating, dip, binder, flocking, rubber gloves
Ceramics Forming binder sands and tubes
Electric Antiscattering in capacitor, Electromagnetic shielding material, Semiconductor tape
Buildings PVC compounds for tile carpets and mats in offices
Paper Compounds for albums and masking paper

Other Application

Medical Medical adhesives
Science Compounds based on specifications provided by research institutes


Sep. 1946 Higashi Kagaku Shinko founded at 4-15-8 Tajima, Ikuno-ku in Osaka. Manufacture and sales of rubber balloons started.
Apr. 1958 Manufacture and sales of natural and synthetic latex compounds started under the brand name of Raditex(R).
Nov. 1962 Company name and organization changed to Higashi Kagaku Company Limited
Feb. 1968 Rubber balloon manufacturing department split off and moved to Tokushima Prefecture. Yamacho Kako Company Limited established.
Aug. 1975 Higashi Kagaku moved to current place for growth and expansion.
Sep. 1980 Building of facilities for the manufacture of PVC sol emulsions started.
Jan. 1981 Manufacture and sales of PVC sol emulsions started.
Sep. 1991 Etsumi Company Limited established.
Jan. 1992 Annex built as an automated manufacturing facility PVC sol emulsion manufacturing line expanded.
Jun. 2000 ISO9001 accreditation received
Jun. 2002 ISO14001 accreditation received
Feb. 2003 Operations at Yamacho Kako Co., Ltd. terminated


Iioka Co., Ltd. Real estate leasing agency
Latec Co., Ltd.  Trading agent
Etsumi Co.,Ltd. Measurement Certification by Weigh Station

Company Profile